Fashion Week Ends With Fashion For Relief

Katie might want to be taking notes here. It’s so sad that it’s coming to an end. My blog husband Ron aka The Corsair has a wonderful round up of the action.

Naomi Campbell is throwing things again, but this time, it’s a huge fund-raiser for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. The supermodel has brought together various organizations — including M.A.C. Cosmetics and 7th on Sixth — and her pals Iman, Linda Evangelista and others to create Fashion for Relief.

“What Naomi does best is things like this,” Iman said at a press conference yesterday. “She’s done it before for South Africa, so now it’s America’s turn to witness this hurricane called Naomi.”

“We conceived Fashion for Relief as a way to raise money for the Hurricane Katrina relief and show that the fashion community can stand together and help in this time of crisis,” Campbell said. “Everyone tries to find something they can do to help and what we know best is fashion.”

I’m assuming it will be a cocaine free event, in light of Kate Moss and “cokegate.” Glad to see she helping along Pete on the road to sobriety. Are we really that surprised? First of she’s a model. Second, she’s as thin as Star Jones is wide, and third she’s dating the walking drug syringe Pete Doherty.

The Daily Mirror today reveals shocking pictures of supermodel Kate Moss snorting a fat line of cocaine during a debauched drugs and drink session with junkie lover Pete Doherty.

She’s pictured left in typical model pose – but the Mirror’s exclusive new shots show Kate in an entirely different light. As the white powder induces a sudden rush to her brain, she rocks back in her seat and laughs hysterically. The coke is kicking in. Within seconds she leans forward and again sniffs into a tightly rolled-up £5 note, hoovering up every last grain of the Class A drug. It is clear from the extraordinary images, captured during a Mirror undercover investigation, that the 31-year-old catwalk queen is a practised user. Rumours of her drug habits have circulated for years but she has always denied taking Class As such as cocaine.

In a West London recording studio, though, Kate chats casually with Doherty and pals as she absent-mindedly crushes and chops out the chunky lines on the back of a plastic CD cover. With her blonde hair hanging untidily around her shoulders, the model icon, worth £30million, prepares up to 20 lines of coke in just 40 minutes. Using a mammoth stash, which she kept safely wrapped in her handbag, Kate – mother of a two-year-old daughter – has no qualms about being seen with the illegal drugs.
Doherty and some of his mates mill around, eager to join the binge and impatiently asking to help prepare the drugs.

At one point the Croydon-born beauty – the face of Rimmel, Chanel, Calvin Klein and Christian Dior – loses her patience with one of crackhead Doherty’s friends and insists: “I’ll do it. I’ll do it.” She joins in a discussion about cannabis while joints are passed around some members of the group.

The article goes on and on. It looks as if she may need to take a trip back to The Priority rehab clinic.

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