Fashion Week: Diane Von Furstenberg-Old Reliable

Her inspiration was clearly Spain. Classy and chic are always the look that Diane delivers. For those classy women out there (or those of us who wish we were) DVF is the go-to gal.

Rich colors of blacks, reds, and blues mixed well in her line. Tunics and full skirts are the trend in just about every collection and Diane didn’t miss the memo. Coats were not absent either. Knitted and form fitted, the range was broad. She even paired frumpy and comfortable with chic evening wear with ease.

The icing on the cake for the everyday chic collection was actually a dress. The red carpet worthy jewel encrusted dress floated down the runway with taffeta speaking volumes. Tricky thing taffeta, you can easily screw it up but Diane does it all effortlessly.

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