Fashion Week: Carolina Herrera – Anna Wintour and Her Giant Sunglasses Weren’t Happy

Perhaps it was the fact that Anna was seated next to André Leon Talley and didn’t have a cleared radius of at least 3 feet. Or maybe her disdained look was thanks to the fact he was decked out in Baby Phat that was black with gold-trimming and glittering letters on the back that read, “The New American Dream.” She looked as thought she was ready to choke him with her scarf.

Despite Wintour’s cold presence at Carolina Herrera’s show the models walked the runway with light smiles. It’s not like they didn’t have something to smile about. The metallics of her fall line are gorgeous even though I had hoped for something fresh. Everyone has discovered the miracle of inky blacks and grey hues. At least we have the idea of what color genre is clearly the trend for fall.

Sporty satin jackets caught my eye. Everything in her line would be basics to build a wardrobe around. I love Herrera but I was left waiting for something that really gave me the feeling of fresh and unique. Only a few pieces had a real pop to it. She works so well with feminine notes on each dress but I was dying to see more “outside the box” thinking.

Flirty gowns that swept the floor were beautiful. The fabrics were all light and airy. All the long dresses also had a nice swing and bounce. Even the cocktail wear had a lightness. Overall her line stayed in the realms of safe and understated.

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