Fashion Nostradamus

Because we are all tired of the ongoing Kate and Crazy Pete saga and I am still slightly hung over from too many snake bites and mojitos (nothing at all to do with New Year celebrations unfortunately) we are going to venture down the path of future trends. While I am not quite a fashion visionary like Patricia Fields I did pay attention to the NY fashion week styles.

The oversized t-shirt/dress trend will continue and unfortunately starlets like Britney will continue to try and work the those tired man-legs she has in the super short frock. I foresee the dress to be accessorized with scarves and newsboy caps in the east and super cute strappy heels that lift your legs to the sky.

Over sized bags are returning and the hobo look will give way to the square and shaped bowling bag looks. The Louis Vuitton line will feature the speedy and keepall bags that Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton will no doubt be sporting. The abnormally large white Elton John sunglasses are going to stick around but soon find the exit near the end of spring or summer.

More Fashion Predictions After the Jump

The Versace Macramé top is going to be the first of many of my doily like creations. Whites are always airy and in style as long as you don’t fall into the matching leggings trend. I can’t wait for the end of tights and flats. Yes, Mischa I am talking to you. But you can still rock the off shoulder tops because I love them but please wear some fashion of a strapless bra.