Fashion Forum: Genius?

Spending hours window shopping online pays off. When I saw this “Ho on the Go kit” I couldn’t help but share it. It is described on Patricia Field’s site perfectly. Mention “A Socialite’s Life” upon checkout and you will get a free tank top. Thanks to Sunny for the generous offer!

The best invention, well.. ever. Ho on the Go kit, for the nights you don’t make it home. You don’t have to be a big slut like us to love them… they work well for that time of the month, or just to keep at the gym! A must! Contents include one thong, tooth brush with toothpaste, two condoms, and a moist towelette.

I wonder if Lindsay bought these in bulk…

Famesters has some interesting questions. Check the David and Victoria Beckham discussion. Was she ever really pregnant? Oooo, now that’s a theory.

And of course there is always something going on in the Pussycat Dolls realm.