Fashion Forum: Karl’s Kidnapping Plot

Karl Lagerfeld almost went on an unplanned “vacation” back in the 70’s. Germany’s “Red Army Faction,” which is a militant group, had their eye on the designing king. One of the participants in the RAF is flapping his jaws about the incident.

Peter Juergen Boock filled in “Der Spiegel” magazine on his “possible target list for a ransom in the late 1970’s.”

“We considered kidnapping the owner of the lingerie maker Palmers factory and also Karl Lagerfeld. There were a row of people whom we collected material about and they were all wealthy.”

Obviously the plot failed to unfold. While it is a very serious matter (to lighten the mood) I am guessing they decided no to attempt it because he looks so bad ass in his sunglasses and cut off gloves. Did he even wear them back in the 70’s? Well, you get my drift.

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