Fashion Fix: William Beaver House Bash

Set your watches kids, because Beaver-Mania is taking over tonight. New York will host the bash given by André Balazs. The “Beaver Bar” at 6 Hanover Street will be the place to be. Some “stars” will be there and enjoying drinks like William Beaver Cosmopolitan in honor of the house. The bar also transforms into the residence sales office.

Waitresses will be dress in “black sequined retro beaver outfits”–as opposed to modern beaver outfits. Beaver belly-dancing and rocking go-go boots will also be donned by the staff for the pleasure of its patrons. While Moby, Jaime King, Alex de Betak, Amy Sacco enjoy their beaver-themed evening DJ Stéphane Pompougnac will be spinning for the party.

Sounds like my typical Tuesday night. Is there such a thing as too much beaver?

Balazs raises the bar [Fashion Week Daily]

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