Fashion Fix: Thank God There is a New Excuse To Drink

Now that Christmas is over, we can finally move on to New Year’s Eve. Now that the necessity of alcohol consumption to provide relief from the flood of family and jolliness is over, we move on to year-end fun. In the spirit of wrapping up the year VH1-style, with several countdowns of the good, the bad, and the ugly of 2006, we bring you more fashion faux pas. The top 3 worst looks of the year go to:

Fingerless Gloves: The Michael Jackson look died a long time ago. While Karl Lagerfeld and Lindsay Lohan are still trying to rock the look , I have to say the man behind Chanel and our favorite nose-vvacuum can probably afford to shell out the clams for gloves with fingers.

Crocs: Need I say more? It is the age-old question of style versus substance. Unless you are a Malaysian child working in a sweat shop, the sandals need to be buried in the back yard.

Unsheathed Pooters: How hard is it to wear a thong when trying to avoid panty lines? Or simply crossing your legs when exiting a car?