Fashion Fix: Style Resolutions

Fashion Week Daily brings us tidings of fashionable resolutions for the upcoming New Year. Instead of the traditional stop smoking (never going to happen) or stop drinking (never-ever going to happen) resolution several stars vow to overhaul their style.

Josh Hartnett: “My faux pas is that I never dress up. I often find myself in the company of people where I think I look ridiculous. I resolve to try and wear more suits in the future. Dior Homme and Armani have given me suits and they’re beautiful. I resolve to wear them.”

Julia Stiles: “I’m in a transitional phase where I just finished college, so it’s my resolution to start dressing like I’m not in college anymore.”

Shiva Rose McDermott: “Well, for years, I wore so many designer clothes, and then I wound up wearing the dresses that get passed around through the designers. Then I started buying vintage and no one else was wearing it and it cost a lot less–so I’m sticking to vintage for a while. And it’s more fun to shop for.”

Must be wonderful to have closet full of free Armani and you have to make a actual resolution to get around to wearing them. But lets start with a new hair stylist Josh. You look like you should be joined by Spanky and Alfalfa on that GQ carpet.