Fashion Fix: Someone is a Liar Liar Pants on Fire

It appears to be a temporary jubilation for cell phone fans who dig Armani. Early this week Samsung reps confirmed that the electronics company had been buttering up Giorgio for nearly a year. The spokesperson for Samsung told the Korea Herald that:

“We are now in talks with Armani to work together in making premium goods such as mobile phones and televisions. (Armani) is expected to contribute designs and be actively involved in new product development. Our company is going to make a new category called ‘IT luxury products’ jointly with Armani. The Armani phone will be launched in Europe in October and we plan to expand the brand to other businesses as well.”

The reps for Giorgio Armani have fired back at the reports calling them mere “speculation.” Fashion Week Daily was also told, “If we have new products to announce in new categories you will be among the first to know it.”

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