Fashion Fix: Say Hello To The Condom Dress

Ff032806 Tm

  • Government issued condom dress probably designed for Britney to prevent further Federline spawn.
  • Why God? Why? Tara Reid skanks it up at Meghan’s Fall 2006 Fashion show in L.A. My apologies to all those Tara fans…..for more than one reason. []
  • Fashion week wraps up in California. In case you missed it, hair band throw backs of skinny jeans, shredded sweaters, and skull accessories for this fall are being brought to you by denim designers.
  • Vanity Fair crosses a whole new frontier, naming Fran Lebowitz as one of the best dressed. Which is sad considering her competition on the list is a dead guy. [NY Post]
  • Natalie Portman compares some of the highest paid actresses and models to whores. “I don’t want to be working for money because then you are no different [from] a prostitute.” So Natalie, did the house only take 40% for Garden State? [Jossip]
  • Hermes bag causes Jane Birkin’s tendonitis. Now we know why Oprah was so pissed. [Fashion Watch]
  • Calvin Klein is now an uncle…..kinda. Natalie Vodianova, spokes model for Calvin, gives birth to baby girl Neva.
  • Cargo, the shopping magazine for the metrosexual male, has its plug pulled. [Jossip]

Written By Cara Harrington

(Photo via Kick the Fire)