Fashion Fix: Lindsay Lohan Gets Around


  • Once again Lindsay is “in talks” with another designer interested in making her the face of their campaign, but then they get a close up look at her and the talks come to a screeching halt. Hopefully Versace will get a clue. [Fashion Week Daily]
  • Keira is helping to end the drought in East Africa by giving the gift of Vera Wang. Who needs water when you have couture? [Glitterati Gossip]
  • Ewan McGregor jumps on the trendy baby train. [Popsugar]
  • Ford in Burberry out. Tom is honored to be honorary. [Fashion Watch]
  • The Kentucky Derby will now feature a $1K mint julep. Oprah’s got more money than God and happy about. How about a round for everyone? [USA Today]
  • Kate Beckinsale lost her most valuable accessory…post the missing pussy posters. [Sky]
  • Hermes finds an old designer and turns into charity. Well, you know what they say. If it ain’t broke.. [Fashion Week Daily]

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Written By Cara Harrington

(Image via Fashion Week Daily)