Fashion Fix: Ladies in Red

Today was the day for seeing red. The Heart Truth Red Dress Collection supports American Heart Month. Encouraging everyone to wear red, the campaign is aiming to raise heart disease awareness.

While Bryant Park is filled with Fashion Week frenzy, the Swarovski Backstage at Heart Truth Red Dress was filled with celebrity supporters. Katharine McPhee, Kim Cattrall, Angela Bassett, and Kristen Chenoweth all showed support and wore beautiful red dresses. Tables were filled with jewelry and handbags twinkling. Even a couch glimmered in all its glory. Kelly Ripa and Danica Patrick took pictures with McPhee as she strutted around in her Swarovski dress kicking up a leg every other snap of a camera. Shoes and accessories were also by Swarovski as she happily showed them off.

Another snark free moment to satisfy the warm and fuzzy lovers out there.