Fashion Fix: Karl Lagerfeld And Elton John Still Feuding

March 21st, 2006 // 1 Comment

Kl032106 Our intern, Cara Harrington, brings us the latest news on the fashion front.

  • David Cardona with the insight of Madonna’s stylist Arianne Phillips are teaming up to launch a new red carpet collection Bebe. [Fashion Wire Daily]
  • Clutches, totes, and peep toes! Oh my! I don’t think we are in winter anymore Toto. []
  • Can’t well all just get along? Lagerfeld and Sir Elton are still bitter. [Fashionwatch]
  • Lindsay Lohan will be dragging her carcass down the runway for Louis Vuitton this Fall. [Fashionwatch]
  • I am sure it has been mentioned before, but I thought talent like this deserves repeat recognition. Oleg Cassini goes to the fashion house in the sky at 92. [Fashion Wire Daily]
By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Girly Girl


    I am totally impressed by your devotion to Oleg Cassini. All good fashionistas have wished she were the late great Jackie O at some point in her life. Dude, I’m STILL obsessed with her- the hair, the sunglasses, the chic summer sheath dresses… Did you all know she had the sheets on her bed changed twice a day? Once after she woke up in the morning, and once again after she napped in the afternoon? The woman never slept on the same sheets twice. See? I told you- I’m sick. My Camelot addiction is totally out of control.

    So this is to acknowledge your acknowledgement of the man who made that all possible- the one and only Oleg- and now we need to let go and move on. He’s in that great big closet in the sky, now Miu. And you have to let go of him… say goodbye. He and Jackie are having a fabulous time. I promise.


    Girly Girl

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