Fashion Fix: It’s Going to be a Hot Wintour

After “The Devil Wears Prada” became a best seller the name Anna Wintour sends chills down one’s spine after reading the gory details of working with the “Ice Queen.” But the brave minds of A&E IndieFilms and R.J. Cutler are making a documentary of the creation of the September issue of “Vogue.”

Cutler will take on the directing role which take on 8 months of Anna putting together a behemoth fall fashion issue of the magazine. “Vogue” is the fashionistas Bible and never disappoints style hungry women around the world. Cutler has been pursing the documentary for two years now and he finally has the green light for the project.

Contrary to cold accounts of Anna the film will be more of a behind the scenes look versus a counterpoint to “The Devil Wears Prada.” While Cutler sings Wintour’s praises (smart fellow) the film will not shy away from her notoriety.

“You see fictionalized versions of Anna all over the place now. None of them, of course, are as fascinating as Anna herself.”

I am sitting on the edge of my seat until I see it in 2008. In the mean time I might as well shamelessly plug Vogue for a taste of what is to come.

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