Fashion Fix: It’s A Yard Sale


  • Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Dwight…I mean Elton John and his life partner are having a yard sale in Rockefeller Center to further the AIDS fight. [WWD]
  • Collaboration of the “Couture Kicks” seems to be the on the lips of everyone. McQueen and Puma are the newest match for fancy footwear. [Fashion Wire Daily]
  • Shawn Wayans borrows Al Reynolds’ Ugg boots. [Dlisted]
  • An ugly hat causes a Brooklyn bitchfest. [Gawker]
  • Mrs. Banderas red carpet brain fart goes to court. The actress forgets her dress designer’s name. [BBC News]
  • Stop smoking, suppress your appetite, and fight halitosis all at the same time simply by eating lip stick. [New York Post]
  • Fill your free time with Fantasy Fashion League. It is a fashion game that puts your fashion savvy to good use. The off season starts Wednesday April 12th. [Fantasy Fashion League]

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Written By Cara Harrington