Fashion Fix: I Always Wondered What Andy Warhol Smelled Like

Bond No.9 has had the ingenious idea to bottle Andy Warhol’s scents. The fragrance deal will feature 12 Warhol collectible perfumes. The marriage of Bond No.9 and “The Andy Warhol Foundation” came after the company was seeking to reinvent art and give a breath of fresh (scented) air to the brand. The 12 bottled fragrances will be unisex to cater to both the ladies and the men.

You can get your bottles of Andy Warhol at Saks Fifth Avenue, the Bond No. 9 stores and museum gift shops for a bargain price of $230 for 3.4 oz. The first scent has been named “Silver Factory.” Inspirations were drawn from Andy’s 1960’s studio.

Now that is a great pick up line. Oooo, you smell like Edie Sedgwick and Diet Coke. Are you wearing Andy Warhol?

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