Fashion Fix: Haute Stuff

Whilst shopping for a gift for a friend’s birthday present, alright so I was digging through bargain sales like my Aunt Edna at a flea market looking to complete her spoons of America collection, I finally checked out Patricia Field’s web-store.

Everyone knows Patricia Field and her “Sex and the City” fame and not to mention her wardrobe selections for “The Devil Wears Prada.” She is a New York staple and full of unique concepts. Never afraid to step outside the box and live by the fact that variety is the spice of life I bring you the best of Patricia Fields distinctive taste. The occasional oddball must-have of the new year in no particular order for fix….

“The Good Book” is my idea of saving grace. Who needs Bible-thumping when you can have your very own version of Jesus juice.

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“Bitch get out my way” is way classier when you are rocking rhinestone Brass Knuckles. I would pass these on to Hilary Duff but I am sure she is going down the same road she did with Lindsay and “Haters Remixed” will be hitting a K-mart near you thanks to Nicole Richie.

Rhinestone Cig holders are something I would never be seen in public using but I would totally sit at home in some black kitten heels puffing away on my patio for my neighbors to envy.

White Trash Charms wins over my heart. Tiffany can sit on the back burner while we turn away from sorority style and tell like it is. The “Give it to Me Now” world charm necklace only speaks the truth like Jon Leguizamo’s freaky midget character Toulouse-Lautrec from Moulin Rouge.

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