Fashion Fix: Beyonce’s Got Something Better Than A Bat Signal…

January 23rd, 2007 // 5 Comments

…a Wonder-Bra that hitches her lady globes up to her ears. She has her rack on display at the UK Premier for “Dreamgirls” and is striking her new signature “Behold…(wait for it, wait for it)…Beyonce” pose for us all to shiver with envy.

I am all for whipping out the duct tape to keep the girls in line but someone needs to get “B” some clear gel for those pits unless she’s on her way to a “Sure” deodorant commercial immediately afterwards. I love the glimmering gown and she even works it on the red carpet. But Beyonce lets forego the vertical sit-up pose and go for the hand on the hip pop and twirl or something of that nature.

By Cara Harrington

  1. SerenityUK

    Same old beyonce with her desperate need to overshadow her co-stars – and what on earth is with this arms above the head pose, looks so contrived and unnecessary!!

  2. sandy

    Not even her flashing her boobs, fake hair, fake everything got her or her movie an academy award nomination. Good!

  3. danaleri

    DAMNNN…PUT, YOUR FREAKIN ARMPITS so tired of this chick showin me if shes “sure or unsure”…we got it…you SURE…now go dust off those pitt flakes…ewwwwwwww

  4. Josephine Dertz

    A real Diva would not have white pits! She is so phony. All I know is there are about 15 horses running around with no tails. Nice wig! As usual.

  5. maureen

    i KNOW–she kept doing that at the Globes! Was the gold lame sunburst costume not enough of an attention grabber for her?? Child needs to relax–and, yes, go clear with the deo!

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