Fashion Fix: A Little Something For All The Men

Thom Browne joined forces with the notorious Brooks Brothers with an announcement last September. The collabo was not only anticipated but questioned. Could Thom combine quirky silhouettes with the male upscale version of Casual Corner?

The unveiling of the line took place Tuesday in the showroom of Brooks Bothers’ Madison Ave. flagship. Hand tailoring was noted along with the lack of price tag. You know that equals digging deep into your wallets. The collection, “Black Fleece,” is set to hit stores in early fall. Perfect timing for the tweed and flannel heavy line. Gray’s were present as usual with Browne. Wide cuffed floods were paired with ankle boots. White dinner jackets embroidered the standard Brooks Brothers’ sheep logo.

Overall the collection was something to reckon with. I love that Thom is aiming to breath life into the reputable line. I welcome the edgy risk taking. Although, I obviously lack the need for a men’s suit, I much rather see the Nip/Tuck men in this over the traditional Brooks Brother suits that Dylan Walsh’s character Sean seems to love. (That is before the loveable alcoholic bum inspired a much needed Gucci makeover.)

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