Fashion & Film Meet At ‘Home’ Screening At Stella McCartney’s Store

June 6th, 2009 // 4 Comments

The environmentally-minded movie Home screened at Stella McCartney‘s store, attracting stars like Liv Tyler, Cameron Diaz, Rosario Dawson and Angelica Houston who showed up at the event to throw their support behind the film.

Home is the brainchild of French photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand, whose passion for environmental protection fueled the creation of the project.

The English version of the film is narrated by Glenn Close, while the voice over for the Spanish version was done by Salma Hayek.

Gallery Info: Cameron Diaz, Rosario Dawson, Daryl Hannah, Emily Deschanel, Rosanna Arquette, Angelica Houston, Lea Michele, Rachel Zoe, Camille Gauty, Jessica Capshaw, Katharine McPhee and Liv Tyler at a screening for Home at Stella McCartney‘s store.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Kangrrl

    Catty comment of the day:
    For some reason, Cameron Diaz reminds me of Jessica Tandy in this photo…she is just not aging well. At all.

  2. Zekers

    What happened to Daryl Hannah’s face?

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