Fashion Disaster: Vintage Linda Hamilton

August 8th, 2007 // 9 Comments

Oh Linda! What happened? The Editors lend their thoughts after the jump.

Lisa: Um…at least it looks waterproof?

J.Harvey: This chick is so hot. She’s one of my favorite actresses. I didn’t know she was in “Nigtmare Before Christmas”. I liked her better when she had pipes and looked like she could snap someone’s neck with little effort.

Cara: Was this a rejected “Harry Potter” costume?

By Cara Harrington

  1. T-Bone

    James Cameron is what happened! That guy is a megalomaniacal beast!

  2. green cardigan

    I’m more interested in the guy behind her in the kilt. What kind of function was she attending, a Scottish Highlander Clan gathering ?

  3. LoRider

    LH was hot back in the day. No THIS day, though. Damn!

    Ride Lo

  4. jesse d

    Hell ya, J. I remember her from T2. My first girly crush except for Hope on Days of Our Lives….

  5. bobo

    Is she knocked up?

  6. Moishe

    She is dressed like a dark lady of the Sith
    She’s wearing fashion patterned after a Lucas film
    take that Jimmyboy! =p

  7. angel

    damn she looks like some medicine man from africa its really disgusting for such a hot lady imean she looks not

  8. pizda

    she was hot on “Beauty and the Beast” back when tv had tv shows

  9. Marianne Nielsen

    Well…I must admit, I find this – eh – outfit rather unelegant! Linda Hamilton is a beautiful woman, and she does NOT deserve this “rag.” Someone wrote something about a rejected Harry Potter costume… It sure looks like it. Yes, Linda was hot in BATB (along with Ron Perlman, who is totally gorgeous!). Linda is Spanish and means beautiful. Very suitable. Just not in THIS outfit. Try again, Linda. :-)

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