Fashion Disaster: Sally Kirkland…Yes Again


I know, I know she is a old lady and we shouldn’t be picking on her. But whoever said we had morals? Check out what the Editors had to say about good ol’ Sally.

J.Harvey: I just think she’s tremendous. I’m going to ignore the jacket made out of Grimace and focus on that flash of silky knee. It’s just begging to be kissed, ever so gently. A mature woman like her is a treasure trove, filled with wisdom, know-how and stories about soup lines and “Hey Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?”. Go on, Sally. Just don’t lay down.

Lisa: Keep this in mind, folks, when you’re thinking to yourselves, “Hey Lisa, she’s an older lady, cut her some slack with her off-kilter fashion choices”–Helen Mirren is only one year younger than her. I rest my case.

Cara: I haven’t seen that much sequins since Elton John’s closet cleanout sale. She is a plucky old broad and you gotta love her for trying. But I have to draw the line at the orthopedic Uggs. Keep on rolling Sally.