Fashion Disaster: Rachel Weisz

June 13th, 2007 // 29 Comments

The Editors show no mercy for Rachel after the jump.

Lisa: I’m less concerned about the dress and more worried about the tiny woman underneath it. Who is this skinny woman who is clearly not eating, and what has she done with curvy Rachel Weisz? I demand some answers here.

J.Harvey: I’m not sure why she thought it was cool to leave her house looking like The Patchwork Girl of Oz. But at least the front has easy access for magical scarecrows. If that’s what she’s into.

Cara: If Marsha Brady turned stripper…this would be the result. It is really too bad. I love Rachel and her skinny legs.

By Cara Harrington

  1. Nikky

    Rachel Weisz is so beautiful that she can make a paper bag look great. In other words, while the dress is not the best dress, Rachel still looks great.

  2. ho ho

    nice sticks! i’d do her

  3. Phil

    While I’m not a fan of patchwork prints on dresses, Rachel does make it look sexy on her.

  4. Clementines

    I think I saw this very same material pattern in a motel in New Mexico over twenty years ago while on vacation with my parents.

  5. Tim

    Sorry but i think Rachel looks cute in that dress. She’s probably one of the few women who can pull it and look great doing it.

  6. Ed

    The dress may not be the best of the best but Rachel does look mighty fine in it and damn sexy as well.

  7. sarah

    I agree with Lisa- Rachel had always been so pretty! I hardly recognized this woman and her skinny legs and face!

  8. Laura

    I agree with the majority, Rachel looks fine in that dress. She does not look skinny at all and she makes that dress look better than it really is.

  9. Michelle

    Skinny Sarah? If you think Rachel looks skinny then you and Lisa are the ones who might need to lose some weight. Rachel is not skinny at all.

    BTW Rachel looks great.

  10. Amy

    Rachel Weisz skinny? Are the editors on this site out of their minds or are they trying to start a bad and unfounded rumor which i hope they get sued over. If you want to see what a Skinny person looks like, look at Keira Knightly, that’s skinny. Rachel looks like what real women should look like.

  11. red

    If the editors on this web site think Rachel Weisz looks skinny in that picture, then they need glasses, badly.

    Rachel Weisz does not look skinny at all.

  12. tara

    I think Rachel looks pretty good in that dress, it has a charm to it and it looks a bit bohemian. As for Rachel supposedly looking skinny, give me a break. Rachel looks like what a woman who takes good care of herself should look like.

  13. Persistent Cat

    You can’t be serious???? Those are disgustingly skinny legs. Look at the knobby knees and the thighs that are barely bigger than her calves.

    And seriously, you think the outfit looks good. Where do I begin. Ok, I don’t like the dress but on its own, I have no issues. But the shoes are completely wrong. First of all, they are jet-black. Where is black on that dress? Black shoes DO NOT go with everything, especially if there is blue in the outfit!!! And I hate hate hate when women wear a short, breezy skirt/dress and pair it with big, clunky shoes. They should be strappy, non-platform heels, not those big chunky things. The shoes are ok but not with that outfit. They’d look better on Dita Von Teese.

    I never thought Rachel Weisz was attractive.

  14. Mr. T

    I’d hope on that in a heartbeat.

  15. Jesse d

    Rachel used to be really cute, but she’s gaunt looking here. What a shame. When a woman *takes care of herself* she looks healthy, rosy, and doesn’t have toothpick legs, knobby knees & a gaunt face.

  16. Wade

    “I never thought Rachel Weisz was attractive.”

    Then that’s your sad problem then, not anybody else’s. As for Rachel, even though the dress does not look very good, she still looks hot in it. As for her being skinny, what a bunch of horse crap. Rachel looks great and looks full figured.

  17. Jamie

    Rachel does not look skinny at all and anybody who tries to say that she is needs to get their eyes checked.

  18. Vicky

    Sorry but rachel Weisz does not look skinny at all, she actually looks pretty good and fit.

  19. Meg

    Skinny? Rachel looks like she’s in great shape.

  20. Bengi

    Rachel does not skinny in that photo.

  21. Keaith

    Rachel does not look skinny in that picture at all, she looks fine.

  22. Molly

    I think the dress looks cute and as for the whole skinny acusation, give it a rest. Rachel looks to be a great shape.

  23. Gillda

    Where do you get the impression Lisa that Rachel even remotely looks skinny and unhealthy in that picture? I would like to know because I work out everyday and I would kill to look like Rachel does in that picture. she looks tight and fit.

  24. ladeeda

    She’s still beautiful, but come on people…she IS a lot thinner than pre-pregnancy. Look at her legs and her face. D’uh! I liked her bod better before — that was a well kept frame. Now? So very Hollywood.

  25. Sammy

    Rachel Weisz does not look skinny in that photograph at all. In fact, she looks really good and curvy.

    The editors should really get their eyes examined because they can’t tell the difference between being skinny and being fit and Rachel looks very fit.

  26. sarah

    Clearly people are deranged! FIRST OFF- fact is- she is too skinny for her height! If you think she looks curvy something is wrong with YOUR eyes! Some of you truly get lost in this celebrity BS to be able to separate reality from all this Hollywood hype. While she is still a very pretty woman it makes me SAD that people like you guys make women in the industry and society in general feel like they are FAT if they have a nice healthy body weight. Jesus. ENOUGH ALREADY! go barf on your own time but leave women alone – she was much rpettier before she had the baby and felt all the pressure to lose the baby weight!

  27. Diana

    Rachel does not look skinny at all Sarah and if you knew what you were talking about you would have notice it.

    Do us all a favor and try to know what you are talking about.

  28. Cat

    Skinny? Are you guys retarded? Rachel looks like she is in great shape.

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