Fashion Disaster: One Hot Spidey Mess


See the face that belongs to the Spider-riffic disaster along with the Editors’ comments after the jump.

Oh Caprice Bourret what were you thinking?

Lisa: Caprice has chosen a demure number here, that in no way resembles a dress that Donatella Versace deemed unwearable, after finding out it had been half-eaten by moths as a result of months of storage in her attic. Clearly, she feels the need to cover herself up, lest someone mistakenly believe that her greatest assets are bared and bronzed, and not the fabulous personality that I’m sure is her most striking attribute.

J. Harvey: Was she mauled by pitbulls?

Cara: General rule…if you can see your underwear through your dress put it back in the closet and save it for your bedroom relations (especially if it the underpants are visible and a sheer fabric is not to blame). She kinda looks like a reject from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” dancing zombie posse. Only she missed the pale memo and hit up Mystic tan first.