Fashion Disaster of the Day: Yoko Ono


She just makes it way too easy. The editors have their say after the jump.

Lisa Timmons: First let me say that I thought Helena Bonham Carter had aged tremendously since I last saw her. And then I realized it was Yoko Ono, who actually looks pretty damn good for her age. And then I was hit with a FINAL REALIZATION that Helen better put the lock-down on Tim Burton cause girlfriend is looking a whole lot like his type.

No more realizations. I promise.

J. Harvey: She’s seriously on the way to Dorothy’s house to collect Toto because he bit her. Where’s the bike and the theme music?

Cara Harrington: It is hard to pick on confused old ladies. Even if Yoko Ono is my arch-nemesis. She looks like a 70 year old Elvira wannabe going to high tea with Mortisha Adams. Loose the crazy Queen mum hat and obviously you don’t need shades Yoko. Your future ain’t that bright honey.