Fashion Disaster of the Day: Tori Spelling

September 24th, 2007 // 11 Comments


The editors weigh in after the jump.

Lisa Timmons: This is a special category of fashion disaster that can very easily be remedied if you pretend that Tori’s outfit doesn’t exist from the mid-shin down.

J. Harvey: Why is Donna Martin unaware of the climate? Why is she dressed like she just pulled up at the lodge? These remind me of those terrible greeting card images of what Santa Claus does in July. I don’t understand what that means but she’s a sort of rotund woman wearing warm clothing in front of a palm tree. And don’t even get me started on the 1983 carnival feather earring she’s wearing as a necklace. The smell of wine and cheap perfume! Got a ticket for a midnight train goin’ anywhereeeeeeee.

By Michael Prieve

  1. She looks like Chris Crocker!

  2. peachpie

    well, i guess i’m in the minority then. i think she looks cute. ok – i could lose the necklace and not miss a beat, although it’s really not that bad. and i’d go for uggs instead of the weird knockoffish things she has. but i would wear the rest of this outfit.

    and yeah, so cal is warm. but it’s relative. if it’s 60 degrees in hell-ay, everyone bundles up in winter coats like it’s 5 below zero. it was cool this weekend in l.a., so maybe the gal got cold.

    call the fashion police if you must — but i think it’s a totally cute outfit.

  3. kharris

    Of all the get-ups this girl has worn in her life, and you call her on THIS one??? This is the best I’ve ever seen her look!

  4. green cardigan

    This works from the neck down. It’s kind of ‘earthy’ and ‘real’..I can imagine her gardening. The bottle blonde hair, 4 inch make up and designer sunglasses don’t match though.
    She needs to change her head:)

  5. silvarga

    I like everything about that outfit except for the style and color of the boots… Oh, and that she’s wearing it. She looks like that woman from the Old Navy commercials from the neck up and it’s throwing me off.

    I think it’s her hair and the glasses that don’t work with the outfit for me. For example, this would look really good on Emilie De Ravin.

  6. sunnyd76

    I think the outfit would be really cute if it was very cold and snowy out.

  7. NO boots just some ballet flats or stilletos. Outfit remedy.Uggs are a crime unleashed on the earth, here are their uses pregnant and swollen, wear them with a long elastic band skirt.

    Otherwise she looks cute. I usually dont reward or praise women for losing weight to soon. It takes time and its like shouldnt you of been with the kid. They do sleep alot and some bodies melt fat faster but nevertheless.

  8. Red Ginger

    She looks great to me.

  9. Gia Jolie

    Half the people in LA and everyone in London wear this type of getup! What’s the big deal!!??

  10. samijoe!! ;)

    honestly. she is just down right beautiful! and i dont care if she is BUTT naked, she can pull anything off. and christ, how many people do you know that can wear that, and still look SEXY! i mean if i were a full on lesbian i would deffinitaly tap that!!

  11. ihaveathingforblondes!

    i swing both ways and if i was with with her, uggs and all; because lets face so is just down right sexxy in anything, i would consider going lesbian! and you all know what im saying! so dont say you wouldnt love to hit that!!! and her hair is so hot!

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