Fashion Disaster of the Day: Tina Turner

February 21st, 2007 // 9 Comments

We stumbled upon these photos yesterday, after our Nic Cage post, but it’s better late then never especially when it comes to bad fashion. Find out what the editors had to say after the jump.

Lisa Timmons: Tina. I kneel at your “Proud Mary” performance that has yet to be accurately recreated by an artist hoping to pay tribute. You are the one who taught Mick Jagger how to do that awkward chicken dance he does, which is the closest he comes to emulating your incredible vivaciousness on stage. And those legs–fabulous.

This is why is PAINS me to ask the following question. Girl, when you’re dressed like Condoleeza Rice’s “edgy” sister, complete with a strange fur/leather clutch that looks a combination of possible PETA offenses, what on Earth would possess you to forget to walk out the house without removing your hair clips? And if you do insist on going out in public that way, next time you better OWN IT and not look all “caught out there.”

Jay Harvey: She’s so hot, and I am so in her corner. Just ditch that
tribble on the chain. There. Good.

Cara Harrington: What the….? Is she being attacked my cuddly fur-furs? Her charcoal suit is cute and has great lines. But like I always say, “it’s all in how you accessorize.” I am not quite sure what is going on with the clips in her hair. It appears that she was utilizing them to create a flip in her do, but forgot to take them out. At first glance I thought she was being overtaken by small cyborg-like creatures. From the front she looks good despite her “I just let one rip, I hope no one heard that,” look. Overall she doesn’t look….awful. But girl needs to get some help from Fendi stat.

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. Julie

    For once, I disagree. I think she nailed it. Even with the tribble on the chain.

  2. I thought she was never supposed to handle money personally – Isn’t she supposed to have a lady in waiting follow here with a muff full of farthings?

  3. deejay

    Y’all are heartless. And mean. There I said it. The “girl” IS 67 YEARS OLD! She looks good, amazing really. When my grandma was 67 she was not to be parted from her terrycloth slippers and support hose. Tell me your experience was different. JUST TRY! Okay. Okay. The purse I don’t understand. But I can FORGIVE. FORGIVE, people, cause the suit is so hot in a Proud Mary Rocks It in The Boardroom kind of way. The hair is great in so many ways. It’s mature and flattering and not…bald. The hair clips? Well, let’s not look at them as the “spoiler” for her new look. Let’s just assume the best. They function in much the same way a tin foil hat would function to keep away those same icky rays from outer space that were beamed down and got to Brit before she shaved her head. There. That explains it. Now let’s move on.

  4. Es

    I friggin love Tina Turner!!!!

    She looks really great. But I do think she forgot to take the clips out of her hair.

    That makes her no less awesome though!

  5. clumberguy

    Apparently Love has everything to do with it ’cause I forgive her entirely. Even if she carries a gerbil in her wallet.

  6. Loob

    Wow, you guys are completely at odds with the Fug Girls on this one. I scarcely know where to turn. ;)

    Actually in this pic I think Tina looks a bit like Wanda Sykes. That’s who I thought of when I first saw her. But it’s probably just that Tina ISN’T dressed like she’s going to Thunderdome.
    She’s dressed like a smart classy lady. :)
    With a ferret on a chain.

  7. Margaretta

    Can’t a girl air out her pussy? What’s the big deal with that?

  8. Tina Turner

    Just want to thank you all for your comments…but I am still worth 350-400 million. I lose count.

  9. Well, I loved it. She was personally invited to the Armani Prive Fashion show in Milan by G. Armani himself. The clips came out as soon as she remembered they were in when she got out the car. Later photos will show you that. The outfit is very on point considering that wider trouser legged pants seemed to be the rage of Fall/Winter 2007 collections. I love the photos…she’s giving you “500 million here I come!”

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