Fashion Disaster of the Day: Thandie Newton

The commentary from our editors is after the jump. Poor Thandie.

Lisa Timmons: When one is as beautiful as Thandie Newton, one tends to get confused by one’s stunning looks when glancing in the mirror. That is the only reason I can think of to explain why she thought it would be a good idea to wear a short version the dress my mother made for herself in 1985. Either that, or she’s trying to get the attention of Tim Burton.

J. Harvey: Monochrome is not going to distract from the need for conditioner. She better get her ass to the CVS for a hot oil treatment.

Cara Harrington: The word of the week is unflattering. From the red carpet to everyday events what are these celebs thinking? Yes, you are thin and fabulous but pulling off large black and white semi-vertical stripes is damn near impossible. Despite her petite frame she looks frumpy. The missing sleeve is not my favorite and this paired with the black and white stripes gives her the appearance of a mangled zebra. Her shoes are a classic cute and the only thing saving her in this getup.