Fashion Disaster of the Day: Tara Reid

February 5th, 2007 // 8 Comments

(Mavrix Photo)

Find out what our editors have to say about the lovely Tara Reid’s outfit after the jump.

Lisa Timmons: Here’s my problem. Tara Reid has already so desensitized me with past horrible outfit selections and exposed mangled body parts that I’ve reached the point where seeing her in an ensemble that covers up her horrible plastic surgery actually makes her look decent to me. And this, even when she’s wearing ancient Greek hooker shoes, the soles of which seem to have been constructed by two completely different cobblers with opposing viewpoints on cork.

J. Harvey: Where the hell does she get off leaving her house looking like Charlie’s Angels? Oh, and I don’t mean Jacklyn Smith-type Charlie’s Angels. I don’t even mean Kate Jackson as Sabrina-type Charlie’s Angels. I’m talking full-on the bitter end Tanya Roberts/Shelly Hack Charlie’s Angels. *shiver*

Cara Harrington: When is she going to realize that she is not a professional stripper? The dress is just a few inches short of being cute. The wedge-life heels are a disaster and just add to the “Scores” like look. Cork is not acceptable unless you are rocking peep toe pumps. She was so close to looking cute in a skanky kinda way. But the awful snake like pendant crawling between her cleavage is just a big fat no. It looks as though it is attempting to forage for beer bong resign in the crevasse of her bosom. If Athena was a dried up c-lister who was addicted to porn, plastic surgery, and looking like she just threw up from too much tequila…this would be perfect. So close Tara, so close

By Lisa Timmons

  1. sasha

    why do people with really ugly feet and toes insist on wearing sandals

  2. clinton and stacy

    What? No one mentioned her horrible roots. The grow-out really bad. Her posture sucks too.

  3. Take her and/or her history plus the shoes its a good look. I like the dress her cleavage does not fit , though it looks as if the dress was tailored for it. The shoes are pamela or playboy and cleavage area is matronly.

  4. obviousguy

    It’s not the outfit people~~~~…..It’s how she carries herself in it..and how polished she is .What is up with chicken legs? The roots in her hair???? Bitch please…. I bet if Carmen or JLO were wearing this number it would look amazing…

  5. Amelia

    I don’t know…..I’ve never worn high heeled sandals with my shortie robe before, it looks like fun! Tara might be onto something here.

  6. Draya

    No wonder she fell over in those shoes! I’m amazed she didn’t break her fool neck.

    I’m not hating the dress. She’s worn scarier things. It’s okay.

    And when she going to stop trying to rock the fake, bleached blonde hair. It’s so over, regardless of whether she gets her roots done. Pam Anderson should take note of this, too.

  7. kelly Rummelhart

    Anyone else besides me (and the designer of this dress) see that horrible Vanna White Aphrodite movie?? This dress is stolen from the costume department from that movie, I’d swear on it!

    And HELLO! What are her feet, a size 20? My god, she and Shaq can share shoes!

  8. just when you thought it was safe to come out, the old trailer trash tara still shines through in those shoes, not to mention those roots and burnt out hair.

    stand up straight woman and get ye to jimmy choo!

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