Fashion Disaster of the Day: Nicolas Cage

February 20th, 2007 // 6 Comments

Okay. The editors have their say after the jump.

J. Harvey: How many cultural icons can this kook steal from? One day, he’s Elvis. Now he’s a boy named Sue? Christ, Madonna’s more original and that bitch is a thief!

Lisa Timmons: Nic is currently in the process of auctioning off any last shred of what he owns that used to make him appear somewhat normal.

Cara Harrington: Holla’ to all the Cash fans out there. I loves me some Johnny Cash, but Nick Cage isn’t doing the look justice. His little ribbed turtle neck and suede jacket appears to be more of transsexual farmer lost in New York. I guess that would give new meaning to, “My name is Sue, how do you do!” I feel bad for him and his bad hair plugs, hiding under that awkward Stetson hat.

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By J. Harvey

  1. mango1

    Nic Cage can wear a potato sack and still look sexy to me. So there!

  2. Tine

    He looks like a complete asshole. He keeps making such shitty movies.

  3. TIna2

    He looks good, IMO. That jacket is gorgeous, and the hat suits him. His movies are great, too.

  4. Damaris

    Nicolas Cage is FINE. He could wear anything and look hot as hell.

    Yeah, I’d ride that.

  5. Em

    He looks like an asshole as usual

  6. Shelbie

    I think it’s in character for his recent movie, Ghostrider. He wore cowboy hats and such in that role.

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