Fashion Disaster of the Day: Nelly

There are accessories and then there are accessories. The editors have their say after the jump.

Lisa Timmons: Yes, you may think that Nelly’s choice of visible jewelry is a bit on the ostentatious side. But the truth is that he really is quite a demure fellow, who is saving his most fantastic display of ice for the lady who wins his heart and gets to have a peek at his diamond-encrusted underpants.

J. Harvey: Uh, I know he’s trying for that Ralph Lauren but still, hood look, but didn’t Linda Evans wear that bracelet on Dynasty: The Reunion?

Cara Harrington: Far be it from me to stop anyone from rocking some diamonds. But he looks like the African American version of Zach Morris. A version that has been playing dress up in his wealthy step mother’s jewelry. Nelly you are hot, rich, and we get it. Ease up on the diamonds. Oh, and (my God!) loose the sweater.