Fashion Disaster of the Day: Natasha Budhi

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J. Harvey: I have no clue who this woman is. And I know it is so very, very easy to toss the term “hooker” around. It’s so easy, it’s almost lazy. But seriously? Thanks for climbing down off your pole and making the show. You look like you just came from the party scene at Eddie Murphy’s mansion in “Trading Places”. Have you been putting out your Kools on his carpet? Do you wanna funk?

Lisa: Somewhere, Bai Ling is laying in a dumpster, her ass beat, wondering who the hell that bitch was that snatched her Sunday going-to-church outfit off her back.

Cara: What gets me about Natasha is she has the body of a model and treats herself like a Vegas stripper. If she wasn’t so trashy looking she could dethrone Tyra. It is just sad to see someone desperate for attention she fashions a napkin into a “top.” Ugh, save this look to visit Britney in rehab in or perhaps go to Hooters to show those bitches how sex really sells. I am sure the Pussycat Dolls are even offended by this display.