Fashion Disaster of the Day: Natasha Budhi

February 23rd, 2007 // 10 Comments

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J. Harvey: I have no clue who this woman is. And I know it is so very, very easy to toss the term “hooker” around. It’s so easy, it’s almost lazy. But seriously? Thanks for climbing down off your pole and making the show. You look like you just came from the party scene at Eddie Murphy’s mansion in “Trading Places”. Have you been putting out your Kools on his carpet? Do you wanna funk?

Lisa: Somewhere, Bai Ling is laying in a dumpster, her ass beat, wondering who the hell that bitch was that snatched her Sunday going-to-church outfit off her back.

Cara: What gets me about Natasha is she has the body of a model and treats herself like a Vegas stripper. If she wasn’t so trashy looking she could dethrone Tyra. It is just sad to see someone desperate for attention she fashions a napkin into a “top.” Ugh, save this look to visit Britney in rehab in or perhaps go to Hooters to show those bitches how sex really sells. I am sure the Pussycat Dolls are even offended by this display.

By Cara Harrington

  1. $15 for a____, $20 for a____ all night!

    Okay……I realize that most of the women in Hollywood are thin and beautiful. I guess they should flaunt it while they have it! ;)
    WHEN did dressing like a dime-store HOOKER become Haute Couture??!
    Hustler called…they want their BAD TASTE back!

  2. Loob

    You guys are fantastic! xD

    I agree Cara, that girl is so gorgeous, she could totally dethrone Tyra.
    She might need a new agent. Someone to give better advice than she’s been getting at the bus shelters.
    Let’s hook her up with Janice Dickinson.

  3. Mrs. Fiesty

    That’s MY side-boob! tee-hee, I’ve been wanting to say that every since I saw it on Family Guy. I agree with the first two comments, why do women these days feel like they have to dress like they’re having a dignity clearance sale and everything must go? I understand that some of these women are quite beautiful and they want to “flaunt it if they got it”, but slutty outfits take away from the true beauty of a woman because people stop looking at your face and only concentrate on your junk falling out of your clothes. At what point are they going to start realizing that dressing like a whore isn’t sexy but trashy? WAKE UP LADIES, YOU’RE BETTER THAN THAT!!!!

  4. silvarga

    That whole look is like 5 years old.

    and looking at that 1st pic her name oughta be Natasha “Aintgotno” Budhi.

  5. Denise Santos

    Someone stole her clothes and left her with some spanx and a dental bib. How very sad.

  6. natasha budhi

    Hi, fans!

    If this is your idea of a fasion disaster and those photos look so good then its obvious that you are jealous haters who wish you were me (join the line). if you had my body and looks you would have the confidence to dress like that but you dont so I’m on the carpet and you are not. Get a life! Oh, my bad — you dont have one; your life is only photographing and commenting on me. By the way, I’m sure your man probably jerks off to that photo. Keep up the slander people, very entertaining.

    p.s. if you minimum wage people had any class or taste you would realise that my $1,600 Versace purse alone cost more than you are worth or make in a month. The next time you losers refer to me as a hooker, or that i dress like one, then please mention that, considering the costof my wardrobe, I must be a very, very, very expensive one.

    kisses natasha.

    • ron klimkewicz

      Nahtasha budhi , has a body to die for , and she looks great in anything she wears , if she was 200 pounds and dress like that,then you can slam her , ,Nahtasha keep up the great work , you rock girl .

  7. ted

    we’re not your fans,were slating,theres a big difference!

  8. sweeneytodd

    so your saying you are a hooker then? and anyway ive never heard of you before i just stumbled across you and this picture and i have to say your fit but sort your hair out its in bits like lego & looks shit


  9. Cory From Vegas

    First off to each their own. Im sure when she was partying in Vegas, people of the caliber of T. Woods was hitting on her! I know I did and I have to say shes no hooker and I know Natasha, can she be a little bit out there sure. We all have our flaws. Shes got a banging body and I remember it so well. Keep in touch Tasha. Im the one that showed you a good time. You know the white guy all tatted up named Cory who definately enjoyed your company! Peace SEXY and when theres haters that just means theyre watching you! One love… Your RUDE BOY

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