Fashion Disaster of the Day: Kate Moss

Ohhhh Kate. The editors sound off after the jump.

J. Harvey: I love jersey sheets. It’s like sleeping on giant t-shirts. They feel a little cheap, but still – comfy.

Lisa Timmons: The thing that bothers me most about this picture is that Kate appears to actually have purchased yet ANOTHER schlumpy gray item, while out and about in this schlumpy gray get-up. It’s a vicious cycle, my friends.

Cara Harrington: I get the “I am a stick thin Queen of the models so I can wear whatever I please now adore me from a distance” mentality that Kate lives by. But egad! The boho look is my worst enemy and Kate just makes me want to cry. Why is it that she feels the need to express all her angst (and no doubt hunger) in the form of hideous dress/sweat pant ensemble that is so unflattering. And is that army boots she is wearing or some retched pair of black gym shoe-boot hybrid. The only thing that distracts me from her look is her friend’s come-over. Poor fella, but seriously who cares. He is Moss’ bitch. Hot sunglasses though.

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