Fashion Disaster of the Day: Jessica Simpson


What do our editors have to say about poor Jessica? Find out after the jump.

Lisa Timmons: Jessica looks downright “Fergalicious.” And I hope no one is confusing that as a compliment of some sort.

J. Harvey: I don’t need to say anything. The guy behind her on the right is saying it all for me. He’s thinking “I used to want to bang that tranny Mystic tan junkie?”.

Cara Harrington: Jessica Simpson and her collagen need to sit down with a mirror and discuss why the feel necessary. Perhaps I lack a penis and one must be able to think with the appendage in order to understand the sex appeal in this disaster. She has enough makeup to make a porn star bite their lip in disgust. With Jessica, someone needs to sit her down and explain that less is more. The belt appears to have come from Churubusco Indiana’s “Tack & Feed” wholesale farm supplies. And for once in my life I would like to see her carrying something of a slightly smaller nature. Poor girl. I almost feel sorry for her. Then I rememeber she is a size 2 with gobs of cash.