Fashion Disaster of the Day: Helena Bonham Carter

October 26th, 2007 // 37 Comments

Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online

The editors take Helena Bonham Carter to task after the jump.

J. Harvey: Is Tim Burton taking all her money? And did he leave her for dead in a dumpster?

Lisa Timmons: That sheepish look on Helena’s face indicates that she knows exactly where she went wrong, but she never expected us to catch her in the act. Tsk, tsk. Helena, you should take your clothes off before putting them in the dryer next time.

By Michael Prieve

  1. Zekers

    Isn’t “fashion disaster” kind of her trademark?

  2. jbonz

    From the looks of it, she was going out for some pizza pie-not exactly a “red carpet” moment.
    Aren’t we all giving Britney endless shit for living a 24/7 photo-op existence? So Helena doesn’t mind looking like a bag lady when she’s not at work (show biz is a job, not a religion)-so what?

  3. TS

    Hey, she’s covered up and is generally living life as a Tim Burton character IRL. No objections here. Britney, note how we are spared all private parts.

  4. buttons

    You know how some people are creeped out by clowns, or heights, or snakes?
    HBC creeps my out like a drunk, urine-soaked, crusty haired bag lady would.

    Like she just popped up out of a dumpster and is using her finger to clean the last bit of cat food from a can and is licking that finger.

  5. L

    With her, it’s kind of like shooting fish in a barrel.

  6. peachpie

    buttons… quite a graphic description. i think i smelled the cat food. and now, i feel a little sick.

    eh, without kooks like hbc, the world would be a boring place.

  7. lils

    She’s getting into character for the next Harry Potter movie.

  8. leilah

    “Fashion Disaster Helena Bonham Carter” is pretty much a redundancy. If “horrid” were a style, HBC would be Nicole Kidman.

  9. Amanda

    I like her quirky look, she has always had her own style and does not follow what? maybe she should have fake boobs and get her lala out for the paps in a teeny dress, would that make her more normal?

  10. wildflower509

    I admire her for her confidence to wear what pleases her and not give in to the dictates of so called fashion divas. Do your own thing Helena…looks good to me

  11. DG

    Helena should get a pregnancy pass..

  12. sskatherine

    I’m pretty sure she’s pregnant, you shouldn’t give her so much crap.

  13. Deborah

    Too easy, like shooting fish in a barrel.

  14. nymphetomine

    WTF is wrong with her??

  15. m

    She is a true Aristocrat, related to Royals. I think she is just eccentric. She always has been. She can be such a beauty when she’s not covering herself up and messing her hair up. Remember Remains of the Day. I wish she woul unpeel the layers and lether body and skin, show because she is quite beautiful. To think that Lisa Marie was keeping herself and body perfect for Tim and in the end it didn’t matter he left her.

  16. Hey you guys leave her alone maybe she was really tired(she did just have another kid). She is actually really cool and she does have great style but just bcuz she is wearing that doesnt mean that she always looks like that (and she doesnt) so cut her some slack OK?

  17. U ppl should b nice!!!!!HBC has great style so just bcuz she wore 1 bad outfit doesnt mean that she always dresses like that,like blondie said.SO LEAVE HER ALONE AND B NICE PPL!!!!!

  18. mixallfixya

    i think she has style, but was in a hurry and threw it on. HBC can do better, and she knows it.

  19. Sara

    Don’t you guys have nothing better to do than badmouth others? Give the girl a break and go create your own style!

  20. Jen

    Wait. That’s definitely something I would wear. Haha, apparently I know nothing about fashion.

    She normally dresses like that people. She wears what she wants. Whatever. That’s why I like her.

  21. er

    Never conform Helena! I respect you courage!

  22. Johnny Boy

    She is a lady and she looks radiant!!

  23. Cocoa

    I think she has a wicked style, I dress like that myself, mostly round the house cos i know if i go out like that i would get all the shit you lot are all giving if i did, i respect her, she is a great actress, singer and she has the courage to do what she likes! go helena!

  24. Sadhbh

    Oh, come on! I think, personally she looks rather cool. I really admire Helena for the way she dresses, that she doesnt HAVE to look perfect EVERY time she goes out.
    Cut her some slack, im a huge fan, and i think, whatever she wears, she looks awesome!

  25. YUPP

    shut up guys!!! this is helena here. she doesn’t care how she dresses, that’s her trademark.

  26. pancake

    i think shes beautiful in whatever she wears.. and thats actually looks like somethin tht i would wear… she feels free to wear whatever she wants and she should

  27. tricitybendix

    you’re not a very happy person are you Buttons?

  28. Me

    Hey, leave her alone! She’s a celebrity, granted, but that doesnt mean she isn’t human. I’m not sure when the pic was taken but at the end of the day she does have a little boy and was pregnant with/has a new baby girl.

    Frankly,I think those that make fun of her know full well that she is a very beautiful woman, tbh even dressed down like in this picture she still looks a lot better than the stars who go out wearing tiny tops and belts instead of skirts.

    She’s a wonderful actress, can sing, is beautiful, and clearly cares a lot about Tim and her kids. What more do you people want?!

  29. Me

    Yes, Helenas a celebrity, but she is still a human. She is beautiful, and why should she have to always dress the way magazines and paparazzi think she should? Even dressed down like this you can still tell she’s a beauty.

    She’s a wonderful actress, singer, clearly cares for Tim and her kids, and has never done anything to all the people who seem to hate her, but love to have a go at her just because she wore a less-than-red-carpet style outfit.

  30. ally

    Wow, I cannot believe that anyone would make fun of Helena. I’m sure there’s people who go out of the house like that all the time, but because they’re not celebrities, we wouldn’t say anything about them. That’s why I like her, she’s down to earth, like a real human being. She hasn’t been brainwashed. People take fashion so seriously, its not even fun anymore, you should wear what you like, and no one should have a problem. The paparazzi shouldn’t attack her, people shouldn’t post pictures of her saying she looks horrible, because I think she looks adorable. It’s hurtful to make fun of people like they do. Maybe she would like to spend her well earned money on more important things, like her two beautiful children, Billy, and no name. Haha. She is not like all the other stars, whose lives revolve around what brand names they where. Screw Prada, and Gucci, and whatever else people are obsessed with. Leave Helena alone, let her where what she wants to wear, she’s beautiful, talented, and I think she has great style.

  31. Rachel

    i think she looks great, she cares about more than just what she looks like. she’s not shallow like a lot of celebrities these days. she stands out from the crowd and she’s not afraid to be original and crazy. she doesn’t always look ‘perfect’ but it shows she’s a real person, just like the rest of us. =)

  32. fluff

    hey leave her alone helena rocks!, who cares about what she wears and i think her fashion sense is amazing. the best part is she’s unique shes not your boring average hollywood star who look horribly plastic.

    i hate hopw the people say stuff like this about her fine she may not wear what every other hollywood actress wears, but maybe its good thing she stands out and has the confidense to not care what other people think of her and i really respect her for that.

    helena is my fave actress

  33. AmyLovett

    she’s well pretty and just because none of you could pull off her style, you slate her.
    she’s unique, better than all of you chavs or whatever who dress the same.
    i could call you a fashion disaster for looking like clones.
    she’s amazing!

  34. Rexy

    goodness me, can we not leave her alone? Helena is one of the most talented and beautiful actresses of this lifetime. I think she is amazing, and can pull off anything. She has a wonderfully quirky dress sense, and at least her wardrobe stretches further than horrific Adidas tracksuits, eh? Stop slating her, I’d like to see all of you in your everyday outfits, my God, I bet you’d look fantastic. OR NOT. Leave her alone, she’s absolutely perfect.

  35. Katie

    I think she looks perfectly normal personally. I mean, I wouldn’t give a flying banana if she was wearing a bin bag. What does it matter to us what she wears? I love Helena to bits, and I love the fact that her fashion sense is so unique. Why are people so obsessed with putting celebs (and not only celebs, but everyone in fact) down? It’s just horrid.

  36. maddie

    I like her outfit. Geez, is there nothing ebtter to do than rip apart celebrities? Give her a break, I think she’s awesome.

  37. cola

    beautiful. :)

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