Fashion Disaster of the Day: Hayden Panettiere

This hero needs some saving. Find out what our editors think of Hayden’s outfit after the jump.

J. Harvey: What the hell? What’s with the skirt over the jeans? Am I
crazy? Are you THAT cold? Stop doubling up on stuff! You don’t get to wear your whole closet at once! Call me a fascist, but I’m just trying to talk some sense into your damn head! You don’t see me wearing my bathing suit over my suit pants! Lunatic.

Lisa Timmons: Hayden, you can run and you can hide. And you can even attempt to conceal the fact that you stole Blanche Devereaux’s Bingo Night signature, spangly, flowered tunic-top by swathing your torso in a massive black pashmina-thing. But she will find you. And be forewarned, Sophia Petrillo’s got her back. And she’s pissed.

Hell hath no fury like a Golden Girl scorned.

Cara Harrington: Aww, I love Hayden and her rocking lady lovely locks hair. She unfortunately looks like Sienna Miller’s midget stunt double though. She is young and will learn. I just pray that maybe she learned her lesson and for penance….10 hail Madonna’s and at least a hour of devotions to resist the urges of 80’s cult fashion trends.