Fashion Disaster Of The Day: Gwyneth Paltrow


You know why we chose this photo don’t you? The editors have their say after the jump.

Lisa Timmons: I can appreciate the transition outfit that one sometimes sports on the way to or from the gym, which I’m assuming is the case here because Gwyneth is holding a pair of what look like running shoes in her hand. But I can’t figure out if these are her workout clothes, or the outfit she plans on rocking for her normal get-up. And that disturbs me. Mostly because of the hooker shoes.

J. Harvey: No one will hate you for putting the sneaks on, Gwyn. Just do it. Treat your feet. I wonder if this was taken in the States. If so, being here really depresses her. She looks like she’s ready for a big bowl of Hamburger Helper, and “Beaches” on VHS.

Cara Harrington: I too usually do yoga in heels, but at least classy ones. I am not digging the super chunky footwear. They make her feet appear to be about four sizes to big. I will leave the yoga pants and baggy top alone because I too am guilty of wearing normal clothes. I try to put myself together in public however. So this time I will say… “Bad Gwen, bad girl.”