Fashion Disaster of the Day: Gareth Pugh’s Creations

September 18th, 2007 // 6 Comments

The editors give their opinions of Gareth Pugh’s designs after the jump.


Lisa Timmons: I love the outfit, really, I do. I just know from past experience that it wouldn’t really work on me because cube-shaped headdresses tend to make my thighs look fat.

J. Harvey: Fashion designers are just f*cking with us now. Nice box.

By Michael Prieve

  1. Clementines

    This guy should be designing for horror shows or Rosie O’Donnells new book/movie-brain.

  2. peachpie

    eh… just goes to show you… there’s fashion for every lifestyle :)

  3. luki1

    Gareth Pugh is a liar…stealing other people’s ideas & taking credit.
    I saw that first outfit in a Harry Potter movie quite awhile ago. It’s not ‘new’ at all…

  4. jbonz

    Guys will go for this design because it makes it easy to get at a gal’s box…

  5. miss_thing

    Methinks someone has been watching Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome a little too much…

  6. Caligula Antonis

    I didn’t get to see this collection so I wont judge it to harshly. The cube look is interesting, it could work. We need to keep fashion unique before we lose it. Especially in Paris. I like to see a designer create something, yes we may not be able to wear it, but it inspires and allows fashion to grow. That we we can continue on with actuall sewn masterpieces that are one of a kind.

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