Fashion Disaster of the Day: Fergie

October 22nd, 2007 // 13 Comments

Photos: Flynet Onilne

It’s the shoes people. Find out what the editors have to say about them, after the jump.

J. Harvey: Did she have surgery?

Lisa Timmons: Yes, J. She recently got ankle implants. Apparently, they’re the new breasts.

By Michael Prieve

  1. hls

    J. Harvey and Lisa aren’t the only ones that don’t care for the shoes, check out the look on the guys face behind her…

  2. Yummsh

    C’mon, that’s probably the best she’s ever looked. Throw a pair of Chuck Taylors on her instead of those ankle bandages, and bam.

  3. well, its just fine with me.. I think that’s not a disaster though..its a new kind of fashion! Lovin it!

  4. Persistent Cat

    I don’t hate them either. She’s got great legs. If they were short legs or cankly legs, they’d look really bad but she pulls them off.

    I’m jealous of her waist. Her body is looking great, it’s too bad she’s ruined her once beautiful face.

  5. Miss Brown Eyes

    It absolutely amazes me that one time fashion “mavens” or critics hate someone’s shoes and it’s mroe about the person their on (Yes, Fergie’s made some heinous clothing wears). But we got to remember — thse people have stylists! they don’t pick most of this stuff out. They have assistants and “experts” that supposedly tell them what’s HOT today, this week, this season, etc.
    Had these fugly shoes been on … oh say Sarah Jessica Parker.. they’d be hailed as tre bien footwear and marketed to the masses as THE SHOE for the season…

  6. Chris

    I’m just saying, the clothes look like she just got out of bed. my girl wears the same thing TO bed. as for those shoes, I think they’re kinda cool…..if you’re all about sparring a Muay Thai boxer.

  7. Sharon

    She’s got a great figure. The shoes are really nice too, but they totally clash with the rest of the outfit.

  8. camila

    I love the shoes !

  9. Tom

    who cares forget her

  10. Autumn

    I love the jesus sandal look… I was looking for a pair this summer, now I’ll have to wait but I don’t this particular type of jesus sandal is horrible. She made it look. She’s looking great lately, from the neck down, of course.

  11. Waltz

    She’s also ugly and, a horrible singer.

  12. Axeldee


  13. harvey is funny. lisa, try again.

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