Fashion Disaster of the Day: Fergie


Find out what our editors had to say about this fashion mess after the jump.

J. Harvey: Clockwork atrocious.

Lisa Timmons: Even if I ignore the bowler hat and stretchy red pants that look like they’re secretly from Fergie’s middle school wardrobe, the stirrups from which she simply cut off to “update” the look, I really am having a lot of problems with those super-long french-tipped nails of her wandering so dangerously close to what one could conceivably describe as her “Lovely Lady Lips.”

Cara Harrington: Fergie is very confused more often than not. The poor girl is in skin tight red pants that make her appear “hippy.” She is so thin and rocks a hot body. So why is she opting to sport pants that are so unflattering. The skinny jean is a step of leggings. Neither of which I am a fan of. The zipper is holding on for dear life as she toys with it and her entire look falls in the Mariah Carey wear. Gap Kids just isn’t an option if you are over the age of 13.