Fashion Disaster of the Day: Fergie

(Images courtesy of Photorazzi)

Mmm. Poor Fergie. See more of Fergie’s outfit, plus find out what the editors have to say about the mess that is Fergie after the jump.

Lisa Timmons: Fergie’s giving a whole new connotation to the functionality of a “doo rag.”

J. Harvey: What a lovely bandanna dress. She looks like she should be wrapped around a Hell’s Angel’s forehead, sopping up road juice.

Cara Harrington: Let the baby bump rumors begin. Everything about her old man hankies sewn together to make a dress is wrong. I am all for the mini. It is cute and if you have great legs you can rock the look easily. But Fergie and her Godzilla acrylics just look trashy.

(Images courtesy of Photorazzi)