Fashion Disaster of the Day: Diane Keaton


The editors take on Diane Keaton’s overall look after the jump.

Lisa Timmons: I love, love, LOVE me some Annie Hall, but I don’t understand how the hell Diane ends up looking so insane when she’s not being dressed by costume designers. Because I love her so much, I wanted so badly to be generous. I thought to myself, “Let’s toss the beanie, get rid of the scarf and see if we can’t figure out a way to work those black leggings and the giant plaid jacket thing–” until I was rudely interrupted by my eyes, who happened to peek down and see that ol’ girl was walking around barefoot at the gas station.

That’s when I had to just wash my hands of the whole situation. I’m sorry sweetie, but you’re on your own for this one.

J. Harvey: Scotland doesn’t wish to be represented by a barefoot homeless woman at a gas station.

Cara Harrington: Ugh! Poor Diane. Poor going senile Diane. I really like her and her bubbly addiction to turtlenecks and pant suits. Her jacket is fabulous and looks so cozy. The belt is such a hot accessory and I am proud to see her rocking the trend. However, a small factor of footwear seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle for her cell phone. What is with celebs and their abhorrence for shoes at gas stations?