Fashion Disaster of the Day: Diane Keaton

February 19th, 2007 // 9 Comments


The editors take on Diane Keaton’s overall look after the jump.

Lisa Timmons: I love, love, LOVE me some Annie Hall, but I don’t understand how the hell Diane ends up looking so insane when she’s not being dressed by costume designers. Because I love her so much, I wanted so badly to be generous. I thought to myself, “Let’s toss the beanie, get rid of the scarf and see if we can’t figure out a way to work those black leggings and the giant plaid jacket thing–” until I was rudely interrupted by my eyes, who happened to peek down and see that ol’ girl was walking around barefoot at the gas station.

That’s when I had to just wash my hands of the whole situation. I’m sorry sweetie, but you’re on your own for this one.

J. Harvey: Scotland doesn’t wish to be represented by a barefoot homeless woman at a gas station.

Cara Harrington: Ugh! Poor Diane. Poor going senile Diane. I really like her and her bubbly addiction to turtlenecks and pant suits. Her jacket is fabulous and looks so cozy. The belt is such a hot accessory and I am proud to see her rocking the trend. However, a small factor of footwear seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle for her cell phone. What is with celebs and their abhorrence for shoes at gas stations?

By Lisa Timmons

  1. C.

    Her hands are beautiful though! Isn’t she always wearing gloves? If that’s the trick to good hands, sign me up!

  2. Elaine

    Sigh. I love me some Diane Keaton, but gravity is not being very kind to her. Those jowls are hanging pretty low. And please, don’t yell at me for saying that. I think she still looks pretty great and I’m glad to see that she’s aging naturally and gracefully and not jumping on the plastic surgery bandwagon. I’m just realizing that she may be bit older than I thought. Does anyone know how old she is?

    As for her outfit, the coat wouldn’t be quite so bad if she got it tailored. If it was shorter and taken in, it might have some potential, especially with that belt. However, the matching plaid scarf and the beanie that looks like its from the American Eagle men’s section has to go.

    Oh, and the bare feet…I’m not even going to touch on the fact that she’s at a gas station, but I will say that if its cold enough for a coat, scarf and hat, its cold enough for you to utilize some sort of footwear.

  3. brian

    ummmmmmmm…..don’t most gas stations post signs saying NOT to use cell phones while there?

  4. amanda

    I’m GUESSING she had on some uncomfortable shoes that HAD to be removed. And then, oh shoot, she needed some gas, but the shoes could not be replaced because they hurt so much. I bet she regretted it once she felt the pavement-YOWZA! Or, maybe when she saw the a*****e waiting for the photo op at the gas station.

  5. Loob

    Oh dear! I love her, too!
    Diane please, no shoelessness in public, and certainly not at a gas station!
    I’m not worried about your image, I’m worried about the health of your feet… on account of we all know who could have been standing there just minutes before you.

  6. bb

    Who cares what she’s wearing? She’s one of the best actresses of the 20th-21st centuries. You’re all so dumb and materialistic.

  7. Ashley

    We care because when she gets some gangrene related crap and has to get her feet amputated, she just won’t be the same.

  8. Michael

    My mom is in contact with Diane often for reasons that shall remain unspecificied. She has so many wrinkles in real life that it is shocking, especially when she still sounds and moves like Annie Hall. The irony is very thick when you look at those L’Oreal “How do I keep my skin youthful?” advertisements that she does. Why does she even try? There are other things she can boast about, but her skin is not one of them. That’s like a cadaver boasting about its ruddy glow.

    Mama tells me she ranges from flighty and crazy-in-a-good-way to incredibly nice. On the day Because I Said So opened she was “downright humble.” Surprise surprise.

  9. LC

    Ok, i’m a little late in seeing this article…but, really now…who in LA hasn’t at least once, driven w/o their shoes on?!! C’mon!…Diane, we love you anyway!

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