Fashion Disaster of the Day: Coco

February 15th, 2007 // 10 Comments

CoCo makes things too easy. Find out what the editors have to say about CoCo’s outfit after the jump.

J. Harvey: She looks like the bra that you put on the front of your
Corvette in 1986.

Lisa Timmons: You may think Coco’s outfit looks a bit silly, until you realize that she’s just in costume for her role in the “Tron” porn shoot that will be taking place later that evening. And then it all makes sense.

Cara Harrington: Trashy chic with a geometric flair just doesn’t cut it. I don’t care if you are size 4 with a silicone canyon. That outfit is like a labyrinth of pleather. I half expected to see Fran Drescher next to her looking embarrassed for wearing the same thing. No, no, Coco. I think she might have had something acceptable if it would have been one color. I guess when you have gobs of cash you can pretty much wear what you please.

By J. Harvey

  1. One colour is right Cara, and you were spot on with your Fran Drescher comparison as well.

    She looks like some sort of optical illusion.


  2. missy

    isn’t she a fashion disaster every day?

  3. Jinxy McDeath

    I don’t see the point of Coco choosing an outfit that would cover her moose knuckle willingly. Very strange choice for her indeed.

  4. debkakes

    Fish in a barrel, guys!

  5. g

    Remind me who she is again?

  6. gailmariecat

    This is the most conservative outfit I have seen her wear. Maybe it is the start of a new trend. Small steps.

  7. Clumberguy

    All that Maze has only one place to go.

  8. Looks like an outfit straight out of the movie Dune.

  9. JaneSays

    Fashion disaster of the DAY??? How about millenium?? Bitch should just leave the house wearing her dog tags and chain and spare us all the various shots of her infamous camel-toe, which always seems to be “clothed” beneath fugly pleather catsuits!!

  10. rdiggity

    Coco, wait a sec. Look at Ice-T’s old ass he looks like he needs a cane or a wheelchair

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