Fashion Disaster of the Day: Britney Spears

September 20th, 2007 // 18 Comments


Oh Britney. The editors critiques are after the jump.

J. Harvey: She’s looked worse. The wig almost looks real. She needs to hopefully pull something out of that huge purse that she doesn’t involve yarn pockets, though. And some pills for the crazy.

Lisa Timmons: Hey look, it’s Bizarro-World/Swedish Tina Fey. With crocheted pockets. Because she’s old-fashioned.

By Michael Prieve

  1. yaya

    At least she was wearing pants this time.

  2. ickivicki

    The glasses actually don’t look too bad on her. That’s about the only thing though :(

  3. T-Bone

    Hey – she’s covered up AND (in my opinion)she looks very cute. Must be a slow news day.

    If you’re looking for truly provocative, controversial news to light up your boards, try that whole Louisiana “Jena 6″ thing. All the players (like Rev Al, Jesse Jackson, hip hop whatevers) are hopping on the bandwagon, of course.

  4. Cameron

    It’s an ugly outfit, and she pretty much looks like shit, but at least her girly bits are covered!

  5. sdfs

    I’m sure that idiot paid $700 or more for that fug blouse.

  6. nastybugger

    I like the glasses on her too, ickivicki. She actually looks good from the neck up. and from the waist down. I just wish she’d ditch the extensions and rock the short hair – she’d probably look very cute with it.

    but that top…it honestly looks like a shorter version of a housedress that my grandmother wore in the 70s. It may be an expensive designer for all I know, but it’s uggo. the bag is uggo, too.

    and her friend is all sorts of fug…

  7. Sarah

    oh god… leave her alone already.

  8. sunnyd76

    You should have posted the close up of her jacked up wig that day. That’s what tops the outfit off:

  9. An

    What?! This is the best she’s ever looked: cute glasses, fully clothed, understated makeup, hair washed and surprisingly natural looking. Seriously, you take that back and give her a ‘Best Dressed Britney Ever’ award –

  10. peachpie

    it’s a ‘theory of relativity’ thang. she looks like hell. BUT, relative to her usual habille, she looks freakin’ great.

    and yes, T-Bone — the jena 6 thing is tiptop on the newsfront this morning. i just saw where the mayor of jena had declared the city ‘a state of emergency’. one wonders if there would be a state of emergency declared if the color of the crowd were different? i wasn’t digging on that. at all. and the townspeople on the news? good god. i can’t even say what i think in this forum.

    go britney. work that nonskankariffic, soapandwaterdoesabodygood, glassesarecool look. beats the no underpants look by a mile.

  11. Persistent Cat

    Understated make-up???? Look at all that blush. Good God.

  12. amazed

    She’s actually wearing pants to go with that (bleccch) shirt? Amazing. It’s a bummer (lol), she has to answer to the judge now, Ms.Nobody-Tells-Me-What-To-Do. Time to grow up, get off of drugs and listen to authority. Cutting off the drugs to please the judge = cause of that sour look on her face? If she was difficult before, she’ll probably be a lot worse now, IF she can even get off whatever it is that she’s on.

  13. I wonder if she feels smarter when she wears her glasses? I know I do. But then, I usually only wear my glasses out in public when I’ve got something in my eye and I can’t get it out. Or if I have an infection. I’m just saying.

  14. ZeldaF

    Baby steps, baby steps. Maybe she’s “trying” to dress more like a mother not wanting to lose her children. A little at a time. Nasty: my grandma had that same housecost. Did yours color her own hair too? And it always turned into a bluish or purpleish color?

  15. nastybugger

    lol…no, my grandmother never colored her hair…I think she couldn’t be bothered…also, when she started to lose it, late in life, it still had a LOT of brown in it. by then she was wearing a wig.

  16. T-Bone

    ZeldaF – Hold up…my grandmother had the housecoats AND the home-applied hair color too. In fact, it somehow turned her whole scalp AND hair reddish/orange. In addition, her house was filled with completely insane magazines, like the enquirer and the Star. And gosh darn it, she believed every word of em. God bless her ;)

  17. ZeldaF

    LOL!!!! T Bone: things we remember…. I think Grandma was trying to color it a nice shade of silver, but it always turned up a nice icy blue or violet. As small children, we were confused. I think that’s part of my problem today.

  18. T-Bone

    Yeah – seeing an old lady with purple hair could mess you up for life ;)

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