Fashion Disaster of the Day: Beth Ditto

September 14th, 2007 // 25 Comments


The editors weigh in after the jump.

Lisa Timmons: For all intents and purposes, I should find this outfit objectionable. But, I have to say that when a woman’s on stage, rocking out with her c*ck out, she should look ridiculous. Plus, that earnest expression on her face is hard to resist. Call me crazy…

J. Harvey: She seems happy. Granted, she looks like Grimace going snorkeling but I’d much rather look at her than any of the usual desperate twig people we have to contend with. Plus, her band kicks ass.

By Michael Prieve

  1. sammi


  2. jape

    Not gross at all. BEAUTIFUL. She KICKS ASS.

  3. kharris

    Bravo Beth! Gimme big and talented any day over perfectly constructed talentless twits. Or not-so perfectly constructed talentless twits (hello Britney!)

  4. Chaz

    I’m pretty sure what she’s wearing used to be in my family’s basement in 1977, stuffed with beans.

    She looks ridiculous, but since flouting ideas of what’s conventionally attractive is what she’s all about (aside from the music), I don’t see the point of mentioning her as a fashion disaster.

  5. that girl shines

    it’s refreshing to see a woman unafraid of scrutiny for not being “perfect”. she’s beautful for having the balls to be who she is, an imperfect human being, flaws and all, instead of photoshopped to an ideal no human can attain. plus her band rocks.

  6. bkmagnolia

    seriously, this bitch is fantastic. rocks HARD & is a real talent.

    i think her outfits scream “lick my ass” to the mainstream “thin is in” establishment, which is SINsational. rock was born to be anti-establishment and Ms. Ditto is officially the posterchild.

  7. Lisa

    She always looks amazing and this is no exception! Beth is a beauty on the inside and out!! LOVE YA BITCH!!

  8. She looks like the Purple People Eater

  9. James

    That ugly fat fuck needs to cover up.

  10. Beth

    If you don’t like it then don’t look! It just looks uncomfortable to me ;)

  11. boo

    It’s actually kind of nice to see her covered up. Get’s the point across without all the short upskirt nastiness. Purple is a good color on her too.

  12. boo

    It’s actually kind of nice to see her covered up. Get’s the point across without all the short upskirt nastiness. Purple is a good color on her too.

  13. simon

    Kudos to Lisa and J. Harv for not hating on her, and for most of you commenting.

    Beth Ditto fucking rocks and I love that she puts it all, and I amean all, out there.

    She’s a walking “Fuck you!” and that’s punk rock.

  14. mungo jerry

    I could chow down on her ass and cooze for dayz and never get sick of it. She’s way hot. Just thinking of her on top…riding me, parts of her going every-which-way…

  15. Darth Paul

    C’mon- Beth? That’s just too easy. Sure, she looks like the Hindenberg in a glam-condom, but she rocks.

  16. Interesting! I like it. It’s dark. It’s mean. It’s VERY PURPLE! Today at the gym I wore the same thing. However, my trainer put me in it to measure my body fat. But hey, a rock show is about the same experience!

  17. Sarah

    She rocks, but that costume must’ve stunk like an asshole by the time she peeled herself out of it.

  18. web_mom

    She is what she is folks. It may not be appealing to you all but it is art and she’s a genius.

  19. Parent

    Nice example to the younger generation that follows High School Musical.

    Well, that video is now out of my house!

  20. Sassafrassy

    She just looks unhealthy to me.

  21. Interloper

    Big girl, big talent, big voice, big purple…thing.

    She rocks. Her voice live is amazing. What I want to know is, where the hell does a person FIND that outfit? I mean you don’t see those in Urban Outfitters.

  22. T-Bone

    Looks like Barney ate one too many cookies.

  23. bix

    If she was a guy, nobody would care. It’s just fat. She’s talented, and it’s about time someone actually challenged the skewed and starved “perfect body” hollywood is constantly bombarding women with.

  24. Valerie

    that is SO disgusting! darling…if you’re proud to be large, have some more self-respect than to invite everyone else to say “ew!”

  25. Rachel

    Fashion is not only anorexic dolls inside clothes. “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening” Coco Channel. Beth Ditto is fashion, she is authentic and have the atitude and courage many should

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