Fashion Disaster of the Day: Anisha Lakhani


We have no idea who the hell she is, but you know why she’s here. The editors weigh in after the jump.

J. Harvey: She’s mail-order, right? That’s her “meeting her new husband” outfit? It reminds me of Holly Hunter in The Piano but more rich-bitch.

Lisa Timmons: Despite her warm, welcoming expression, Anisha Lakhani’s fashion choices are screaming, “Stay the hell away!” From her metal-plated clutch, to the black coffee filters she’s wearing on her wrists and neck, every inch of her outfit is very assertively claiming how very much she’d like you to keep your distance. I truly feel as if there’s a very friendly, outgoing woman underneath those tightly fastened high-waisted pants and awkward fur epaulets–one whose genuine smile is saying, “Please. Send help.”

Cara Harrington: Honey, all the schnapps in the world couldn’t make me like your Cruella look. The handbag is fierce though. There also appears to be something wrong with the pants. I know the high waist jean is trying to make a comeback….but lets not stray into “I Love Lucy” Fred Mertz territory. Camel toe is never acceptable.