Fashion Disaster: Majandra Delfino

August 15th, 2007 // 5 Comments

Well, the editors have something to say about this one.

Lisa: It’s as if she’s trying to deny the existence of her torso.

J.Harvey: Something is disturbing about this. It feels like Disco Barbie is disturbingly sexless until you get to the top and feel the need to breast-feed. Remind me to call my shrink and work this out for myself.

Cara: “”Going to keep on, keep on, keep on moving, going to keep on moving!!” My gawd who told her she looked good? They should be bludgeoned with a pair of teal Jimmy Choo knock-offs.

By Cara Harrington

  1. peachpie


  2. JRo

    That’s just a yeast infection waiting to happen. Yeah, I said it.

  3. Persistent Cat

    I can’t believe there’s no lamé with that outfit.

  4. goil

    Charro called. She wants her pantsuit back. But please wash it first.

  5. Lis

    Oh my god. That’s just… beyond bad. The shrunken left arm, the lack of torso/waist/bra. Does she own a mirror? Or friends?

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