Fashion Disaster: LaToya Jackson

April 20th, 2007 // 9 Comments

Today’s fashion disaster is an oldy, but a goody. You know that old cliché “live and learn?” Let us all hope and pray that she took something from this catastrophe. The Editors’ fashion quips are after the jump.

Lisa: LaToya puts on a brave face, despite the fact that her outfit was recently attacked by a wolverine.

J.Harvey: Customarily, an outfit that makes your boobs lopsided and gives you
the appearance of a pot belly – you avoid that, right?

Cara: What is it with the Jackson ladies’ breasts? Poor ol’ girl. I feel bad for her. You just know she has “This is Why I’m Hot” as her ring-tone.

By Cara Harrington

  1. sexyback

    OH! I thought it was Paula Abdul at first…

    LaToya’s boobs are ridiculous. And are those furry handcuffs attached to her pants? I guess she needs to tie the guys down while her boobs attack them.

  2. pilsbury

    Fashion disaster – nope,
    badly fitting clothes – YES

  3. jesse d

    STFU !!! I can’t believe she actually wore this in public. Or at all. Ever. Jesus.

  4. lookwhaticando

    God Awlful

  5. justcurious

    She has gained sooo much weight. That outfit looks like one she used to wear when she was stick thin. I’ll bet it’s the same one.

  6. This picture is over a year old.

    That’s how slow you guys are at coming up with witty commentary?

    Oh that’s right, you still haven’t come up with any….

  7. moonkween

    someone please tell her to quit it.

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