Fashion Disaster: Kirstie Alley

Holy frumpy disaster. Catch the Editors’ fashionable snark after the jump.

J. Harvey: I absolutely *heart* this broad. She’s pretty much the only Scientologist that gets a pass from me. In her defense, all I can say is that this outfit is like jersey sheets. Hideous but very comfortable. Though I don’t see any snowbanks around so I’m not sure what the boots are for…

Lisa: Even though Kirstie’s rocking a crazy “Northern Exposure” look here, with her layers and layers of chocolate brown, I have trouble hating because I have loved her and her crazy since she first showed up as Rebecca Howe on “Cheers,” was kicking it on “Veronica’s Closet” and then reappeared as an insane fairy-type on Pier One Imports commercials. So, I’ll just politely ask her if she wouldn’t mind changing her boots and say that we leave it at that.

Cara: Aww, she tries so hard.I really do hate to pick on her. But all I could think of when I saw this picture was “Tryin’ to catch me ridin’ dirty.” I am not sure what is going on with the mukluks that she has got going on. I am hoping this is for a movie and she is being paid like a high dollar hooker to wear those. It’s just wrong…. I know. I should give the girl a break. Perhaps she is on set of a movie in which she is kidnapped by mountain men who force bad footwear on people. I am guessing not though.